A mother’s love

Her eyes looked at me, tender,
While she braided my hair, long.
Showering me with gifts as colourful as a peacocks feather,
She filled my heart with warmth and a song.

She gave me the best juicy cuts of mango,
while sucking on the hard, bare seed.
She bought me expensive lace,
As she darned holes in her old clothes, indeed!

She yelled at the teacher who punished.
She scorned the friend that ridiculed.
She loved her princess..
with all her heart, not an inch less.

Yes, she sometimes disciplined
And yes, she sometimes tamed
So her princess cried, upset
Forgetting her mama always gave her the best.

Now in a far off land,
grown up with responsibilities of her own
The princess, herself she reprimands
for not appreciating her sweet mama’s love at a time known.

Humbled, the princess sings,
Mama is a queen
strong and evergreen.
She holds us up,
she helps us fly
She makes the summers cool and the winters warm, aye!